Safety patrollers have fun

On June 5,  AMA honored 500 students who have spent the school year serving as AMA School Safety Patrollers at their respective schools.

“This school year, a group of 500 dedicated students from Lethbridge and area worked hard at the crosswalk and put the safety of their peers first while serving as AMA School Safety patrollers,” Allison Pike of the AMA School Safety Patrol said.

AMA chose to honor the students through a year-end Safety Patrol Party at the Servus Sports Centre in Lethbridge. The party kicked off with speeches from Pike and Lethbridge Mayor Chris Spearman. 

“We really appreciate the fact that you look after the other students who go to your school and you make our community understand that safety is important,” Mayor Spearman said. “Today's your day to celebrate and realize, cause think about what a great job you've done for the last year for your communities and keeping everybody safe”

Inspector Jason Dobirstein also told the kids that every safety official supports and believes that all of them are doing a great thing and that the AMA School Safety Patrollers are very heavily believed in. Furthermore, Inspector Dobirstein invited kids to enjoy themselves and take pride in their work

Following the speeches, the patrollers were divided into groups and invited to partake in beanbag games, kickball, dodgeball, parachute games, and in having as much fun as possible. The games and lunch were supervised by AMA personnel and community safety officials.

Lunch was also provided and during lunch, Brain Injury Relearning Services did presentations on bike helmet safety and how important helmets are to protecting the brain through demonstrations with eggs and parachutes.

“Understanding that safety is number one and keeping others safe is a very important job,” Spearman said. 

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