New leadership takes place Nov. 1

Reagen Weeks

Prairie Rose School Division has chosen current Deputy Superintendent Reagan Weeks for the role of Superintendent of Schools. 

The change will be effective November 1st, following the retirement of current superintendent Robert Clarke.

“I’m certainly very honored and humbled,” said Weeks. “I'm looking forward to next steps. I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside incredible educators. And I'm very grateful and honored that the Board of Trustees trusted me to continue on their legacy of incredible work and delivering outstanding learning opportunities for students.”

Weeks had originally come to Prairie Rose School Division to be the assistant superintendent, finishing her doctorate in her first year there. Weeks held the position of assistant superintendent for four years until becoming deputy superintendent in 2016. She brings with her 20 years of experience in education.

Weeks looks forward to continuing with the “Prairie Rose approach” as well as her visions for the school division.

“The Prairie Rose approach to learning involves collaboration with communities, with staff members and with students in a way to deliver programming that is tailored to the context and needs of the population that it serves. So I certainly intend to continue in that, in that spirit. And further, further those relationships, the vision for the subsequent strategic plan will be done underneath the Board of Trustees leadership, and of course, we have an election in the fall. So I look forward to collaborating with them to plan our next steps.”

“I'm really looking forward to continuing to work alongside outstanding colleagues I've had,” said Weeks. “I've had the fortune of being mentored by some incredible leaders throughout my career and working elbow to elbow with so many dedicated staff members who worked towards making differences for students across our region, and I'm very grateful to be able to continue that endeavor.”

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