Show and sale in Lethbridge this weekend

Lethbridge Coaldale 4-H Beef

Following are submitted reports from participating 4-H clubs:

Del Bonita 4-H Club

 This marks the 60th year of operation for the Del Bonita Club.  We have  26 members and 4 Cleaver Kids.  

 Projects in our club this year include: market steer, yearling heifer, 2 year old with calf, 3 year old with calf, market lamb, breeding ewe, horse, foods, and small engine.  We have had a very fun year with many new members and families!

Some highlights of this year were our Christmas dance, clean up at the Magrath Fish Pond and Walking Trails, renting a bus to tour to each member’s home to see their projects and our first ever “Meet & Greet” club day in partnership with the town of Magrath and Magrath Ag Society where we got to show off our projects to family, friends, community members and local businesses.

 This year all of our club participated in the Regional Sheep and Beef learning day in Taber and we also had several members participate in regional judging. 

 Thank you to our parents, leaders, volunteers and sponsors for making this a great year for all of us.  We have built many new friendships and learned life lessons along the way!

Milk River Multi 4-H

Milk River Multi 4-H Club

The Milk River Multi Club was established in 2005. The club consisted of Sheep, Horse, and Craft.  In 2013 the Milk River Beef joined the Multi Club after being a club on their own since 1955. This brought the clubs total numbers to 40, all being involved either Beef, Sheep, Shooting and Horse.  This year our Club has 21 members the project are Beef, Sheep, or Pheasant. Every year for fundraisers our club puts on a Pancake Supper and participates in the Highway clean-up, these were our only fundraiser. This year we have added our Treager bbq and Beef Raffle fundraiser which will be drawn for at the Show and Sale. If you want a ticket track one of us down. The Club also participates in a lot of community services such as decorating and undecorating of the long term care, setting up for the community craft fair and courtyard cleanup as well as may other things around the community. All the member are hoping for a great year and hope to see you at the 4-H Show and Sale.

Milk River 4-H Multi Club, Grayson Thompson

Raymond 4-H

The Raymond 4-H Beef Club has been operating for 51 years. This year the club has 25 great and fun members. For animal we have 21 steers, four heifers, three, two year-olds and one, three year-old and one breeders herd. Our members have been working very hard on these animals for a a tough eight months feeding and are taking care of them very well. During the year, it has been very busy with the members actively involved in various club activities as well as volunteer in the community. It has been tons of fun during all of the club meeting and activities. With the year almost over we would like to invite you to the show and sale that will be held June 7-8. It will be on the Exhibition Grounds by the horse races in Lethbridge. On June 7 will be the female show and on June 8 will be all the steers and the end of the sale. If you are looking for meat then I encourage you to come to the sale. You will find a variety of animals that could be from (‘not very finished) to be being very large. We would like to thank our parents as well as all the leader for planning everything we have done and for driving us around everywhere to go to all these events.

Turin 4-H

The Turin 4-H Club is in its first year after many years without a club.  This year the club has 33 members, with many juniors and intermediates, which gives it something to build on in the coming years.  The members of the club have learned a lot this year about what it means to be in 4-H, and to be active in the club and the community.  This year’s executive is made up of Cameryn Serfas, President; Kourtney Serfas, Vice-President; Ella Slomp, Treasurer; Qunicy Price, Secretary; and Colton Konynenbelt, Club Reporter.  Gwen Penrod is the leader, with Kevin Serfas, Jen Serfas, and Shylo Penrod as assistant leaders.  Turin 4-H would like to thank everyone who has helped them get the club up and running this year, and we are looking forward to this year’s Show and Sale!

Warner 4-H Beef Club

This being our 53rd year of operation, we have 8 members.  Courtney Taylor, Hailey & Kaden Belisle, Zach Heppler, Ty & Cody Walker, Elissa Bueckert, and Jaylen Cronkhite. Leaders Jeff Belisle and Adena Heppler.Projects in our club this year are steer, heifer, cow/calf and pheasant.  We have had a busy and fun year.  

As a club we have participated in various club, and district activitiesfrom workshops, to bottle drive, Christmas raffle, hwy clean up, yard clean up and senior pot luck.

We would like to take the time to thank the many sponsors and supporters of the 4-H program, we truly would not be able to be as successful as we are without the continued support.  Thank you also goes out to all the parents and kids of our club for all your hard work and dedication the past year.  We also would like to wish all the clubs at the Lethbridge and District show and sale a fun and successful couple of days.

Wild n Wooly

The Wild ‘n Wooly 4-H Club is made up of capable young members who love sheep and are active in our community. Each year our club’s members participate in multiple volunteer activities. This year we were able to sing Christmas carols at Seasons Lethbridge Gardens Retirement Community and help sell poppies for the Lethbridge Legion on Tag Day. We also helped keep our community clean with Highway Clean Up. The Wild ‘n Wooly board is member run with our own president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, historian, reporter, and parliamentarian. The experience we get from our member run board, public speaking competitions and judging workshops/competitions gets us ready for future leadership in our community.  It isn’t all work, our club loves to have fun. This year we had a Christmas swim party at the Stan Siwik pool and each meeting a member is in charge of a fun social activity for all of us. Each year we each buy a lamb, which is our project for the year. There are two different lamb projects we can choose. First, for a market lamb project we buy a lamb in April, raise it, then show it and sell it in June. Second, for a ewe lamb project we buy a ewe lamb in April, raise it and show it in June, but keep it. We breed it each year, raise the lambs and then show them with the ewe each June. We work hard taking care of our project lambs and ewes every day and we have had lambing, recording keeping, care-taking and trimming/fitting workshops at meetings to help us learn all we needed to know. We even have a Mini-Show to let us practice our trimming and showmanship for the real Show and Sale. Everything we have worked on this year leads up to the Lethbridge and District 4-H Show and Sale on June 7th and 8th. That weekend we wash and trim our sheep so that they look their best and then we show them to the judges in showmanship, market or breeding stock classes. There are also extra fun activities during the Show and Sale that you don’t want to miss like the costume class, in which we dress up with our sheep, the wild sheep showmanship jackpot, the trimming competition and the Cleaver Show in which all the little ones show their lambs. Finally, on Saturday afternoon the Show and Sale is wrapped up at 3:00 pm with our Market lamb Sale, where the community has the opportunity to sponsor 4-H members by buying our market lambs that we have worked so hard for all year. Lambs can be purchased as sponsorship only and market price will be deducted from your sponsorship, or you can purchase for consumption and we can arrange for delivery to one of our local cut/wrap facilities Any question feel free to email us at The Wild ‘n Wooly 4-H Club hopes to see you at Lethbridge Exhibition Park on June 7th-8th for the Lethbridge and District 4-H Show and Sale!

Article written by our Club Reporter and Assistant Club Reporter, Erin Moorhead & Samantha Walker.

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