Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village in Pincher Creek, Alberta is one of several locations that will be participating in Open Farm Days on August 17.

“We saw this as an opportunity to highlight and promote locally sourced, locally grown/fed beef and vegetables.,” Isabelle Charette, Summer Museum Assistant for the Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village and  Information Centre, said. “The Pioneer Village provides a fantastic meal that supports the community and gives a unique tasting of Pincher Creek.”

Charette says that Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village is open to all visitors throughout our Open Farm Days event. And that the village will have all buildings open and available for visitors to walk through and explore. In addition to the regular sights, a Farmer's Market, beer gardens, and sheep shearing/wool spinning will be part of this year's event, and a locally grown, farm fresh lunch will also be available for $12. 

“At the Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village, you are truly able to relive the Western Canadian frontier, circa 1890,” Charette says. “With two dozen heritage buildings and two museum buildings literally bursting at the seams with eye-catching exhibits and intriguing artifacts chronicling our pioneer past, visitors travel back in time to explore our unique local chapter of Canadian history.”

The Pioneer Village, Charette says, began in 1966 with the formation of the Pincher Creek & District Historical Society and the first building brought to the facility was one of Irish-born John George “Kootenai” Brown. Brown's legacy, according to Charette, was  from his desire to preserve the natural beauty of the local mountains. When the Kootenay Forest Reserve was created in 1895 by the Dominion Government, Brown was appointed to Warden and he retained this position 16 years later when the area was elevated to National Park status. 

“From the arrival of that first building, the Society’s fortitude and devotion only grew, as did our village,” Charette says. “To this day, we now have more than two dozen heritage buildings, including: two pioneer schoolhouses, ranch homes, and Father Lacombe’s Hermitage. We celebrate more than 50 years of volunteer toil, western spirit, and the lore of Pincher Creek and area’s important historic role in building our region, our province, and our nation. The Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village mandate is to preserve, promote, and present the rich and varied history of this unique southwestern corner of Alberta.”

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