Ag Expo winners

I BEAM Irrigation, a company based in Taber, sponsored the 5 Star Exhibitor Awards at the 2019 South Country Co-Op Ag Expo.

“The awards are to give some recognition to our great exhibitors in the show and so they have something to show for their amazing efforts,” said Doug Kryzanowski, Marketing manager at Exhibition Park. The awards are a designer ribbon with the award title on it.

Kryzanowski says that Exhibition Park and the AG Expo put together the awards because the committee to give recognition to exhibitors in the show. The award categories were Best Indoor Booth, Best Outdoor Booth, Most Innovative Booth, Best New Exhibitor, and Top Social Exhibitor.

“The AG Expo committee goes through the show and judges based on Layout and design of the booth, personality of the Exhibitor and how approachable and knowledgeable they are with customers,” Kryzanowski said. “The appearance of a booth and how it relates to Agriculture also factors into the decisions.”

The award for the Most Innovative Booth went to Pillar, while Bushel Plus received the award for Best New Exhibitor. Azgard Solar Inc. won the award for Best Outdoor Booth and the award for Best Indoor Booth went to Maximus. Farm Credit Canada scored the award for Top Social Exhibitor out of the entire show.

“The awards are presented at their booths right after the judging is completed so the winners can display the ribbon at their booth throughout the show,” Kryzanowski said. 

“Winning one of the awards is something for the exhibitors to talk about and an accomplishment they can be proud of.”

According to I-BEAM co-owner, Sara Wynker, I-BEAM has been a presence at the Ag Expo for the past four years and they enjoy it because it allows them to new customers and make new connections with the different vendors. I-BEAM sells everything that is required to set a customer up with a complete irrigation system both above and in-ground. 

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