Grow Hope Saskatchewan is proud to announce the launch of our first southern Saskatchewan Grow Hope project. The project, now in its third year, partners with Saskatchewan farmers and donors to help raise money for food security projects around the world through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and their member agencies.

Farmers Dan and Carol Siebert own and operate a farm near Main Centre. The couple has operated the farm with their children Keri and Michael and in 2008 the farm was officially incorporated under the name “Kariel Farms”. Dan and Carol have greatly enjoyed living and working in the small community of Main Centre and look forward to bringing this initiative into their community. Their experiences in this community, their wider travels, their faith, and their volunteer time with MCC have stirred in them a strong desire to bless others.

Last year 122 acres were sponsored which can work out to as much as $480,000 after government matching funds have been applied. This year there are a total of 305 acres available to be sponsored. 

Foodgrains Bank. It gives individuals the opportunity to sponsor an acre of Saskatchewan farmland for $300. Generous farmers donate land and agree to grow a crop. It costs $300 per acre to grow the crop - covering the cost of seed, fuel and other inputs. At the end of the growing season, they sell the crop and donate proceeds to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (they expect it to sell for up to $500 per acre). The government of Canada matches donations up to 4:1, turning a $300 donation into as much as $2,500.

For more info on the project please visit: www.growhopesk.caCanadianFoodgrainsBankA Christian Response to Hunger

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