Canola crops were mixed

Holly White, Region 12 Director for Alberta Canola, says that the most recent report from the government of Alberta was done within the month of October and declares that over 75 percent of Alberta’s canola crop are still in the field. 

“Little harvesting has occurred since that report came out,” White says. “Most of the canola in southern Alberta, however, has been harvested. The dry growing conditions this summer allowed the region to harvest earlier.”

Canada, White says, has the capacity of crush just over half of the canola crop, and over 70 percent of the resulting oil and meal is exported. The remaining 50 percent of the crop is exported as seed. The seeds are crushed for canola oil. The left-over meal is used as livestock feed.

According to White, yields in the south were disappointing due to the drought, and the rest of the province is still waiting to harvest. However, yields of what has come off are reported to be normal.

“For the most part the quality of canola is good and the crop matured well,” White says. “Timely crop inspections for crop insurance is something the Government of Alberta can do to aid farmers in producing good crops.” 

Unfortunately, White says that weather over the last four years has severely affected the canola crop. China’s ban on Canadian canola imports has also impacted the price of canola, White adds, but it does not appear as if impacted any seeding decisions this past spring. 

“If prices stay depressed this winter because of the tension, however, there may be further reductions in acres,” White says. “Alberta Canola is in contact with the Government of Alberta and making them aware of the state of the harvest so that they will be prepared to have crop insurance inspectors ready when needed.”

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