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Results and report from the SC AG and Ex.'s contribution to Culture Days

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Donnie Peacock takes a close look at a Red Angus cow and calf during the cow and bull calf judging in the cattle pen at Swift Current's Kinetic Exhibition Park, Sept. 27. Donnie Peacock takes a close look at a Red Angus cow and calf during the cow and bull calf judging in the cattle pen at Swift Current's Kinetic Exhibition Park, Sept. 27. Photo by Matthew Liebenberg

A Showcase of Western Culture thanks to the Swift Current Agricultural and Exhibition Association's version of Culture Days took place Sept. 26-28.

The Swift Current Agricultural and Exhibition Association invited one and all to the barns at Kinetic Exhibition Park for a Western Cultural Day.
 Whether you were from the city or the country – here was an opportunity to witness and be a part our Western heritage through ranching events, music, food, entertainment and good ol’ fashioned country fun.
Grant Scheirlinck, Ranchman’s Ridin’ & Recitin’ Chairman, was very postitive about the overall numbers.  There were over 150 entries came in from all across South-Western Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Guests of all ages were able to observe and participate in the following ranching activities: a Cowhorse Clinic with Clint Christianson, Stock dog trials, Draft horse competitions, Cattle pen show,  Ranch horse competition, ‘Hooves & Feathers’ show and sale, Young Ranchman’s all Breed Show and a Little Ranchers program. Exhibitors included very talented Western artists and writers along with Country Kids Farm Toys, country style home décor, a rope-maker, tack and saddle-makers,. Doc’s Town was very popular as they set up near the barns at the Burnham Booth and supplied participants and visitors with pie and ice-cream throughout the day, and cowboy chilli, or hot dogs or beef bun at lunch.  The beer barn hosted cowboy poetry with Bryce Burnett and music by Laura Hayes. They then went on over to join the Creek City Band at the Stockade Building, providing entertainment for the 250+ guests feasting on the best of a cowboy meal - roast beef and chicken buffet put on by the K Motel.
Scheirlinck reports that expectations were exceeded as approximately six hundred and fifty visitors took in the activities - a very successful round-up! The Ag & Ex Association was very pleased to be part of the Cultural Day Celebrations, as The Ranchman’s Ridin’ & Recitin’ is now in its eighth year at Swift Current Exhibition Kinetic Park. All who attended had an opportunity to witness traditional ranching and farming community life as it was in the past, and continues to be practiced today - a true celebration of our Western Culture
A huge thank you goes out to the regional and local advertising for providing opportunities for interviews and getting the word out about our events – as well as our appreciation to those who organized the Cultural Days community happenings. Be sure and check out the ad of all the sponsors, take a look at the winning local cowgirl and cowboy winners.
See y’all down the trail in 2015! Be sure and check out the Swift Current Agricultural and Exhibition website for future events.  The Chute is always open at    HYPERLINK ""

Draft Horse: 9 teams, Dale Anderson: Ag & Ex Director for Draft Horse, Kelly Ashdown Judge
Water Hauling: Chris Bertram, Marty Bertram, Ed Livingston, Blair & Tracy Bigford, Wayne Cozart, Nick Schmidt.
Chore Team: Chris Bertram, Nick Schmidt, Blair Bigford, Ed Livingston, Marty Bertram, Kim McNutt, Tracy Bigford.
Log Dragging: Chris Bertram, Ed Livingston, Nick Schmidt Wayne Cozart, Blair Bigford, Tracy  Bigford, Alice Hattum.
Feed Scurry: Kim McNutt, Nick Schmidt, Tracy Bigford, Chris Bertram, Blair Bigford, Wayne Cozart Ed Livingston, Marty Bertram. Alice Hattum

Ranch Horse Events: Dave Fiddler and Beau Smith Organizers, Donna Waldner Judge
Cutting Results
Open: 1st Beau Smith; 2nd Dave Shadlock
Amatuer: 1st Blake Smith; 2nd Dorthea Feil; 3rd Jennifer Fiddler-Hattum/Danielle Dinius
Novice: 1st Hannah DeMars; 2nd Kirk Wall
Youth: 1st Grace Giesbrecht; 2nd Abby Goddard

Ranch Horse
Open: 1st Beau Smith; 2nd Dave Shadlock
Amateur: 1st Blake Smith; 2nd Dorothea Feil; 3rd Danielle Dinius; 4th Jennifer Fiddler-Hattum
Novice: 1st Kirk Wall; 2nd Hannah DeMars; 3rd Paul DeMars
Youth:1st Blake Smith; 2nd Abby Goddard; 3rd Grace Giesbrecht

Stock Dog: Frank Willman Organizer
Graham Anderson (George); Craig Fodd (Penny); Jeff Taylor (Pearl); Donald Obrien (Sway); Frank Willman (Mel); Don Wheeler (Laddie); Pearl (Rudy); Jeremy Simpson (Jolene)

Cattle Pen Show: Grant Scheirlinck, Director
Judges: Donnie Peascock, Ross Davidson, & Mervin Finell
Bred Heifer: Blake’s Red Angus; Wood River Charolais
Cow with a heifer calf: Boundary Ranch; G & J Livestock; Taylor’s Red Angus
Cow with a bull calf: Boundary Ranch; Wood Coulee; Taylor’s Red Angus
Heifer calf: Boundary Ranch; Taylor’s Red Angus; G & J Livestock
Bull calf: Boundary Ranch; Jones Charolais; Taylor’s Red Angus

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