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Expansion of ammolite mine good news for company

Written by  Stephanie Labbe
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This is what ammolite looks like when it is still in the ground and has yet to be mined. This is what ammolite looks like when it is still in the ground and has yet to be mined. Photo contributed by Korite

The only ammolite mine in the world is located just 25 kilometres south of Lethbridge and recent expansions have created jobs in the area.

This mine was discovered in 2000 and since then, the Calgary-based company Korite has owned and operated it.
Over the last six months, Korite has been expanding by eight acres of land to be mined for ammonite.
Jay Maull, president of Korite, says this expansion took place to accommodate an increased demand for ammolite. He says the expansion was completed in November 2016 after about six months of work.
This southern Alberta site is the only ammolite mine and in 2016 Maull says they found approximately six million carats of ammolite.
Ammolite is a multi-coloured rock that was created by fossilized remains of the ancient sea creatures. When the sea creatures died, they sunk down to the bottom of the ocean floor and were then covered by volcanic ash. Today, people enjoy the organic gemstone in various ways including jewelry.
“We process the ammolite at our operations, including cleaning and polishing and the gemstones … are then set in our jewelry designs. We then market the jewelry, currently to 28 countries,” adds Maull.
While the Korite head office is located in Calgary, all the operations of the mine are located just south of Lethbridge.
Thanks to the most recent expansion, Maull says there will be four new permanent job positions created in the Lethbridge community and 12 throughout the company.
Now, Korite will be able to increase the annual production of ammolite by two million carats by the end of the year.
A new partnership was created in November 2016 with Korite and China. This partnership brings ammolite to Chinese consumers.
A proud Maull says Korite is a 100 per cent Canadian-owned company.
“We are committed to … promoting our Canadian roots, supporting the local economy and bringing international awareness to Alberta. We’re also … proud of our environmental stewardship, exceeding the standards set for reclamation in Alberta.”
For more information on the Korite company, visit: https://www.korite.com/.

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