A long tradition of service to the community by the Swift Current Kiwanis Club has been recognized on provincial level through the 2015 Premier’s Service Club Award.

The federal and provincial governments announced more than $7.8 million in funding for 26 livestock and forage research projects on Jan. 20. 

Most people in Alberta, watch for the list of Academy Award nominations at best as a passing fancy or because they are considered “movie buffs.” No so for Vauxhall native Brock Skretting who watched as the film The Revenant — which is he worked on as a trainee production co-ordinator — earned 12 nominations.

Take a handful of students from a Low German-speaking Mennonite community and a small, rural school without shop facilities and ask them to build a chopper from scratch.

Volunteers set a new record in the number of birds sighted during the 34th annual Christmas Bird Count held in Medicine Hat in December.

For 11 years, volunteers have spent the day out in the Manyberries area taking part in a Christmas bird count, recording their findings and sending the information off to the National Audubon Society.

Only four volunteers took part in the 29th annual Christmas bird count in Elkwater on Jan. 2, but they managed to cover 57.5 kilometres of ground and see 18 different species of birds.

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