A group of individuals with a shared interest in safe and healthy food want to make southwest Saskatchewan residents more aware of issues around local organic food.

The importance of planned rotational grazing and the efficient use of available forage resources on a ranch were highlighted during the eight Foraging into the Future conference in Swift Current Dec. 3-4.

Work to secure free trade agreements with various countries will help agricultural producers, especially beef and pork, market their products to a growing sector willing to pay a premium price.

Drones are becoming more accessible to the average person and it seems YouTube is full of videos of drones being piloted through the skies of North America.

At the Dec. 9 regular board meeting, trustees agreed on the new hire for the position of secretary-treasurer. Currently filling the role is Pat Cocks, who is set to retire in February. The position will be filled by Ryan Boser, who is currently the assistant secretary-treasurer for the Medicine Hat Catholic School Division.

Medication reconciliation and keeping a written record of exactly what and how much medication a person is taking is the only way to help alleviate the number of medical errors around medication that are made. That was the message at a Palliser Friends of Medicare meeting Dec. 2 in Medicine Hat.

Five years later and the Angels Within Us group is still going strong. On Nov. 22 the group held its fifth annual Community Benefit Dinner in Pincher Creek with the Chevelles for entertainment raising just over $75,000.

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