Alex Tufts

Alex Tufts

Alex Tufts is a pitcher with Swift Current Indians of the Western Major Baseball League. His column will run every week during baseball season.

Wednesday, 08 August 2012 11:18

Baseball is worth all the heartbreak

“You ever gotten your heart broken?”

Wednesday, 01 August 2012 17:19

The swinging bunt: A marvel of modern hitting

Few plays in the game of baseball energize me more than a well-performed swinging bunt, or “swunt.”

Through what lens do you perceive the game of baseball? It is evident that the game can be viewed in various different ways. The casual fan sees the game very differently than the savvy, stat-reciting, season ticket holder.

It is another late-night bus ride home for the Swift Current Indians. As we make our way home from Lethbridge, Alta. in the wee hours of the night, the movie Disturbia flickers on the off-colour bus TVs.

Few jobs in baseball are worse than that of the catcher. They say one has to be a little bit crazy in order to be a catcher in this game. With all the foul tips that strike bare flesh, all the balls in the dirt that must be blocked with the body, and the nine half innings of crouching, this position is not for the physically or mentally weak. By this logic, to be a bullpen catcher one must be clinically insane.

Thursday, 05 July 2012 10:44

Some Baseball Theology 101

“Eric hasn’t given up a hit yet, eh?”

The Swift Current Indians travelled to Moose Jaw this past Friday and Saturday for two consecutive games at Ross Wells Park.