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Badminton players head to provincials

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Three southwest teams have advanced to provincial badminton after a successful weekend at SHSAA regionals in Regina. 

Congratulations to Montana Schneider (Fox Valley, coach Dennis Franz) in girls’ singles and two girls doubles teams — Ashley Fournier/Tristan Goffinet (Ponteix, coach Chad Striker) and Mary Ann Gonzales/Shelby Warren (Swift Current Comp, coach Janna Walker).
Results from SHSAA regionals in Regina May 2:
• Gonzales/Warren (Swift Current) were 3-0 in Pool A. They had victories over Regina O’Neill, Gravelbourg and Eston.
• Fournier/Goffinet (Ponteix) were 3-0 in Pool B.  They had victories over Regina LeBoldus, Avonlea and Biggar.
• In the semi finals, it was Swift Current over Regina LeBoldus 2-0 while Ponteix beat Regina O’Neill 2-0.  The final featured an all southwest match up that was a repeat of the district final. The Ponteix duo beat Swift Current 2-0 to win the regional title.
• Montana Schneider (Fox Valley) went 3-0 in her pool with wins over Regina O’Neill, Mankota and Rosetown. 
• Heather Caswell (Frontier) was 1-2 (win over Mortlach, losses to Regina Thom and Elrose) and did not advance to the playoff round.
• Montana beat Elrose in the semi 2-1 but lost to Regina Thom in the final 2-0 placing second overall.
• Taron Ham (Frontier) was second in Pool A with a record of 2-1 (wins over Caronport & Eston and a lose to Regina Thom).
• Dylan Mortenson (Swift Current) had a record of 1-2 in Pool B (losses to Regina O’Neill and Moose Jaw Peacock, win over Rosetown). He did not advance to the playoff round. 
• Taron lost in the semi 2-0 to Moose Jaw Peacock then lost in the third-place game 2-0 to Regina O’Neill to place fourth overall.
• Both boys’ doubles teams were from Herbert. Josh Miller/Matthew Penner and Blade Roh/Zac Wiebe were both 0-3 in their pools and did not advance to the playoffs.
• In Pool A, the Swift Current duo of Jaylyn Bell/Ethan Warkentin had a record of 2-1 (wins over Moose Jaw Vanier and Rosetown, loss to Regina O’Neill). Unfortunately, three teams were tied with 2-1 and once the tiebreaking procedure was figured out, the Swift Current team did not advance to the playoffs.
• In Pool B, the Fox Valley pair Kage Hellman/ Raelyn Schneider had a record of 2-1 (wins over Regina Christian and Gravelbourg, loss to Biggar). Three teams were also tied with records of 2-1, but once tie breaking was figured out, the Fox Valley team was in second and advanced to the playoff round.  They lost to Regina O’Neill in the semi (2-0) and in the third-place game to Rosetown (2-0) to finish fourth.
• Montana, Ashley/Tristan and Mary Ann/Shelby advance to the SHSAA provincial championships in Moose Jaw May 9.
The junior badminton SWAC district championships were held May 2 in Shaunavon. Thanks to Frontier for acting as our commissioners that day. Also thanks to Shaunavon High School and Shaunavon Public School for the use of their gyms. Teams were divided into two pools followed by semi finals and the gold-medal matches. Results were as follows:
• Semi 1 — Julie Hoffart (Fox Valley) over Jezrel Soriano (Swift Current) 21-18, 19-21, 21-12;
• Semi 2 — Jessica Warren (Swift Current) over Cassandra Benson (Hazlet) 16-21, 24-22, 21-6;
• Final — Julie Hoffart over Jessica Warren 21-18, 19-21, 21-12.
• Semi 1 — Riley Hughes (Hazlet) over Robert Lacher (Ponteix) 21-16, 21-19;
• Semi 2 — Seth Tryhuba (Burstall) over Nixen Voll (Shaunavon) 21-15, 24-22;
• Final — Riley Hughes over Seth Tryhuba 21-11, 21-17.
• Semi 1 — Hayley Bitz/Trista Cormier (Swift Current) over Abby de Gala/Raizelle Sangalang (Swift Current) 21-12, 21-15;
• Semi 2 — Kyla Tumbach/Payton Stimson (Leader) over Aly Hughes/Chelsea Wilson (Hazlet) 15-21, 21-6, 21-7;
• Final — Tumbach/Stimson over Bitz/Cormier 21-19, 21-16.
• Semi 1 — Carson Leach/Jordan Mastel (Leader) over Mason Smeby/Emmett Guder (Swift Current) 21-10, 21-8;
• Semi 2 — Matthew Ganert/Ethan Bosch (Fox Valley) over Keegan Goffinet/Tanner Kendall (Ponteix) 14-21, 21-14, 21-12;
• Final — Leach/Mastel over Ganert/Bosch 19-21, 21-13, 21-5.
• Semi 1 — Travis Brost/Alex Mason (Maple Creek) over Dustin Kendall/Gail Gian (Ponteix) 24-22, 21-19;
• Semi 1 — Nicholas Ehnisz/Jaiden Lehmann (Fox Valley) over Tyson Goffinet/Sara Kendall (Ponteix) 21-10, 21-6;
• Final — Ehnisz/Lehmann over Brost/Mason 21-10, 22-20.

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