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Betties using first loss to improve themselves

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By Chris Jaster — This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Redneck Betties were hoping to find new ways to improve their game while extending their winning streak to three games July 23 at the Credit Union i-plex.

Only one of those things happened, as Swift Current’s roller derby team fell to the Deathbridge Derby Dames 129-119.

“It was intense. It was super hard-hitting and we played well,” said Smash Vegas, the Betties’ captain. “We made a few mistakes that cost us and if there were two more jams, we probably could have come back. It was really pleasant. It was good.”

“We got beat by a better team tonight,” added Dirty Glory, the Betties’ head coach. “There were all sorts of positives out of this. It’s not like we’re going to have to hang our heads and have to start again from scratch. We know exactly where we went wrong and we just have to fix it.

“This is only our third game. We’re still trying to figure out all the ins and outs, so no worries yet.”

The bout was tight from start to finish, with Swift Current leading for the majority of the first half. They took advantage of Deathbridge’s penalty issues to open a large lead early in the second half before running into their own penalty issues in the last 15 minutes.

The combination of penalties to Swift Current’s jammers, creating power jams for Deathbridge late in the game and the skating of Derby Dame jammer Bones o’ Fury proved to be too much for the Betties.

Although they never felt the bout was out of reach, the Betties struggled to find a way to stop Bones o’ Fury from dissecting the pack. Deathbridge’s best jammer of the bout ducked in behind teammates and weaved in and out of blockers to wrack up massive points for the visitors.

That technique proved to be so effective for the Derby Dames, it is one thing Dirty Glory would like to see her jammers add to their repertoire.

“I can honestly say that was as injured as our jammers have been,” said Dirty Glory. “Ethel (Dropawitch) hurt something in her ribs and she was having some trouble in the second half and obviously Funkie (Bruised-Her) taking a shot to the head like she did will slow anybody down, but any time you’re beaten you should see how it was they beat you and try to incorporate any of that into our game.”

Smash Vegas, who never had the opportunity to play against Bones o’ Fury in the bout, admits the Deathbridge jammers also exposed some flaws in the Betties’ blocking. The Betties’ captain said her team’s blockers need to get lower and be more aware of what’s happening on the floor.

She’s hoping the Betties will have worked out some of those issues before their next home bout. That, however, won’t happen until April at the earliest.

The team is planning two or three more road games, including one against a lower-tier Regina team
Sept. 3, before taking a break during the winter. They can’t host any events during the winter at the i-plex once the ice is installed at the curling rink.

They are planning on hosting a bout every month starting in April, but there may be a slightly different look to the team the next time fans see them compete in a bout in Swift Current.

“We should have a whole new crew of people,” said Dirty Glory. “We should have five or six fresh meat who should be able to benchmark in August. We may even have been able to split the team into two and have some house league games against each other and pick a travelling team off of there.

“(We’ll have) more, (and be) bigger, better, harder and faster.”

“We’re ready to rock and roll for next year,” added Smash Vegas.

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