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Wednesday, 20 July 2011 17:34

Rhett Ro, Betties ready to take on Deathbridge

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By Chris Jaster — This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rhett Ro was living a fairly boring life last year.

The single mom hadn’t been involved in organized sports for a few years and her life mainly revolved around work and raising two children.

After talking to the Sicilian Slaughterhouse, a friend in Brandon, Rhett Ro, took an interest in roller derby. She loved the idea of having an alter ego on the track and consulted a few friends about starting a team in Swift Current.

Now, as the Redneck Betties prepare for their third-ever bout, against the Deathbridge Derby Dames at the Credit Union i-plex July 23, Rhett Ro is realizing how much roller derby has changed her life.

Rhett Ro is now out of her house two times a week for practices and it has given her an opportunity to share some of her comedic gems at practices.

Her home life hasn’t been too affected, as one of her teammates’ sons babysits her seven-year-old daughter. Her daughter, however, now wants to grow up to compete in roller derby just like her mom.

Roller derby has also given her a few other benefits.

“Having an activity twice a week has been good for me health wise,” she said. “More important for me has been the emotional connection made with all these girls. It’s like an extended family. We have our ups and downs, but we know we have each others’ backs.

“That’s with teammates and opposition. Even when we were in Moose Jaw two weeks ago, on the track it was blood, sweat and tears; I don’t know one person who doesn’t have a bruise from that match. As soon as we walk off, we’re hugging and saying thanks. I’ve never been a part of that where the grudge doesn’t carry over past the game. The buzzer goes and it’s ‘let’s talk or be Facebook friends.’”

As friendly as she is off the track, especially when she’s showing off her bruises and cuts, Rhett Ro is anything but that on the track.

Although she’s not the captain of the Betties, she hits hard and plays a valuable leadership role on the team. As pivot, she is always watching the jammers and the track to try to set the pace.

She’s always there to help her teammates during the game, but she may be even more valuable to her coach, Dirty-Glory.

“All of them (founders of the Betties) have seen more derby bouts than I have, so we’re constantly swapping information about this team did that for strategy and seeing if we can try to incorporate some of those things,” said Dirty-Glory. “They set a good example for the rest of the Betties is the big thing.”

Rhett Ro and Dirty-Glory have been trying to do some homework on their opponents, there is a sense of mystery around the Derby Dames. Deathbridge’s roller derby program has been around longer than the Betties have, but the Derby Dames lost some players due to injury and will play some more inexperienced players.

The Betties, however, are much more experienced since their inaugural bout against Moose Jaw in May. Since then, members of the team have competed in rookie bouts in Regina and they defeated Moose Jaw in their rematch two weeks ago.

The team no longer relies on their jammers to save them as their blockers are becoming more organized and talented, giving the team a more balanced attack.

Rhett Ro is expecting the bout to be a physical and entertaining affair and will help develop the Betties’ talents to the point where they can challenge teams from Regina and Saskatoon. Although she’s not sure how well the Betties will match up against Deathbridge, she believes there is one area where they will not lose.

“They’re a little ahead of us for where they’re at, but I have a feeling that they can’t contend with our heart and our shear determination,” she said. “We’re on a winning streak now, so we have to defend that to the end.”

The bout is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. on July 23.

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