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Consul's Little Britches helps get the rodeo careers out of the chute

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Colt Kornfeld of Val Marie competes in the Junior Breakaway Roping event. Colt Kornfeld of Val Marie competes in the Junior Breakaway Roping event.

One of the organizers in Consul gave their inaugural Little Britches Rodeo July 28 high marks.

Megan Blakely said it went extremely well and ran smoothly.
"We were extremely pleased with the way that it went. We had an overwhelming support of the community with sponsorship and a lot of people came out to watch and cheer on the kids,"explained Blakely. "The parents were extremely supportive and many volunteered their time through out the day to make things run smoothly and help us with thing that we didn't have enough people to cover.
"Over all the day went extremely well, I think one of the major highlights was the steer riding and the calf riding.  All of the cattle really bucked (we just used some roping steers and some of our home raised calfs), and the fun part was that many of the competitors, this was their first time riding a steer.  The winner of the steer riding, Austin Arnal from Eastend, this was the first steer that he had ever rode.  He couldn't quit smiling all day. Besides some technical difficulties, I don't feel like it could have got much better."
Blakely said they had 50 competitors for the event which nearly exceeded the 30-50 they had hoped to get for the first time event. They had about 100 people turn out which wasn't too bad. She had heard there were many people who had prior commitments and couldn't make it. Considering the entire village of Consul has a population of about 85, one can't complain about that.
With that, there are plans to do the event again. Blakely said organizers have received a lot of encouragement to do it again.
She added both competitors and parents were grateful the event was held and that with a few slight tweaks, it will go on again.
The Little Britches event in Consul was not meant to be one of those "cute kid" events where small kids ride sheep and the like. This was meant to be a teaching tool.
They based which events to hold basically on which were most popular at other little britches events.  Some events we are required to offer: saddlebronc, bareback and bull riding.
 "Others were based on what a lot of the kids liked doing.  Some of these events are new to kids, so I expect that we might have a larger entry for some events," explained Blakely.  "Steer undecorating is a new event to some kids — a ribbon is tied to the back of the cow and the kids run along beside it and pull it off — and so I am thinking that more will give it a try next year. 
"Some of the other events we put in that we thought our own ids would like to try. Both my boys tried the Calf riding and really enjoyed it.  I feel like we have accomplished our goal of making this a  stepping stone for kids to get into the "next level" of rodeo — especially in the rough stock events, were getting on a steer or a horse in some of the bigger rodeos can be a little intimidating.  My prime example would be Austin Arnal of Eastend, I am guessing that this was the beginning of his steer riding career.  Now that he has gotten his feet wet, I think he will be more confident to start trying to get on some other steers at other rodeos. And that exactly what we aimed for, an atmosphere where every kid who wants to try, can."
Consul's rodeo will count towards the year-end finals for the Southern Saskatchewan Little Britches Rodeo Circuit.  Other Little Britches Rodeos include Big Beaver, (Aug. 24), Val Marie (Sept. 16) and the finals in McCord (Oct. 13).

Following are the results of the Little Britches Rodeo in Consul last weekend:

Bareback Riding
1. Logan Goldsmith, Eastend.
Junior Steer Riding
1. Austin Arnal, 60 pts, Eastend, no other qualified rides.
Senior Team Roping
1. Cody Gabruch/Brett Pridmore, 20.37 sec., Consul.
Junior Team Roping
1. Braden Brost, 18.5 sec. Consul.
2. Brett Pridmore, 18.8 sec., Consul.
3. Bayne Wilson, 1:23 min., Maple Creek.
Junior Breakaway
1. Colt Kornfeld, 8.4 sec., Val Marie.

Senior Breakaway
Ground Split — no catches

Steer Undecorating
1. Cody Gabruch, 1.7 sec., Consul.
2. Brett Pridmore, 3.5 sec., Consul.
3. Austin Arnal, 14.1 sec., Eastend.
4. Madison Glascock, 14.8 sec., Maple Creek.
Pee Wee Barrel Racing
1. Cassidy Gordon, 16.8 sec., Maple Creek.
2. Levi Bowyer, 19.4 sec., Maple Creek.
3. Lily Wilson, 20.9 sec., Maple Creek.
4. Ryder Goldsmith, 28.7 sec., Eastend.
Junior Barrel Racing
1. Cassidy Gordon, 17.0 sec., Maple Creek.
2. Sydney Windjack, 17.5 sec., Maple Creek.
3. Bailee Humphrey, 18.2 sec., Eastend.
4. Logan Resch, 18.5 sec., Maple Creek.
Senior Barrel Racing
1. Cassidy Gordon, 17.9 sec., Maple Creek.
2. Bailee Humphrey, 18.4 sec., Eastend.
3. Sydney Windjack, 18.5 sec., Maple Creek.
4. Madison Glascock, 20.0 sec., Maple Creek.
Pee Wee Pole Bending
1. Cassidy Gordon, 26.8 sec., Maple Creek.
2. Levi Bowyer, 35.0 sec., Maple Creek.
3. Ryder Goldsmith, 37.7 sec., Eastend.
4. Rylan Brost, 37.8 sec., Consul.
Junior Pole Bending
1. Janae Wilson, 26.1 sec., Maple Creek.
2. Bailee Humphrey, 26.9 sec., Eastend.
3. Braden Brost, 27.3 sec., Consul.
4. Logan Resch, 29.8 sec., Maple Creek.
Senior Pole Bending
1. Cassidy Gordon, 29.1 sec., Maple Creek.
2. Sydney Windjack, 30.1 sec., Maple Creek
3. Brett Pridmore, 32.8 sec., Consul.

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