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Thursday, 25 March 2010 14:26

Keith’s Patch extremely popular

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By Elizabeth Huber
The patch in Swift Current is well on its way to meeting, if not beating, what has held distinction for being the best curling party in Canada.

“There is a rumour going around that lil' old Swift Current just might be able to top off the Brier in Halifax,” said Jeff Chambers, vice-chair responsible for Keith's Patch in Swift Current.

“That is just something that wasn't even thought about before, it was always a goal, it is actually becoming a reality now,” he added. “It is pretty scare to think what we are going to be able to produce out of little old Swift Current.”

So, how close is Swift Current to beating the Brier. Chamber's wasn't willing to give up that information just yet.

“I am not going to give out any numbers, but we are well on our way,” he said.

Chambers started celebrating the excited response to the entertainment venue, which has live bands each night and a selection of food vendors, right from day one.

“We started off on Saturday with a day that nobody is going to forget for Swift Current,” he said. The next morning it was on Facebook and people were talking about it in the work places and in the community.

On opening night March 20 – after Canada's first win of the competition the fans started spilling into the venue.The Patch, which holds 1,592 people, wasn't quite at capacity that night, but it was close. For crowd control, the Patch hosts chose to hold the lines.

“We had a little bit of crowd control, because at one point we were very close to capacity so for the safety of everybody inside, instead of letting 1,000 people through the door at one time we held the line.” said Chambers. Waits may have been 15 minutes to just over half an hour. “It was more safety concern rather than capacity concern.”

Do the people of Swift Current and area need to be challenged to attend the Patch to beat out the Brier, Chambers doesn't think so.

“I would love to challenge everyone out there, but you know what, I don't have to.” he said. “We are going to be full. In fact, my biggest worry is that the line ups are going to occur on Friday/Saturday.”

“I know people in Swift Current, I have heard it before, I am not going to line up for something in Swift Current ... Well, you haven't had this in Swift Current before.”

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