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New racing agreement in place at Kinetic Park in Swift Current

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By Matthew Liebenberg — This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The engines will continue to roar for the next two racing seasons at the Kinetic Park race track in Swift Current.

Council approved a new two year agreement between the City of Swift Current and Speedy Creek Racing Association at its regular meeting on Jan. 9.

The agreement allows for the use of the racing track and grandstand at Kinetic Park during the 2012 and 2013 racing seasons, with an option to renew.

Dean Robson, Director of Recreation and Parks told the meeting the racing is a competitive and entertaining sport for both participants and spectators.

“As the hub of southwest Saskatchewan, we feel this is another way to provide top quality entertainment while encouraging tourism and economic benefits to the City and region,” he said.

The City will receive a payment of $1,352 per race from Speedy Creek Racing Association during the 2012 season, $1,406 per race during the 2013 season plus any rate increase approved by council for all facility users. There will also be a payment of $170 for the use of the track lights.

The agreement requires that the racing association must carry $3 million in public liability insurance for each racing season.

In response to a question from Councillor Gord Budd, Robson said there is a bylaw that allows racing to take place until 11 p.m.

“Occasionally due to unforeseen circumstances, maybe rain delay, they might go a bit longer,” he said. “But for the most part, 90 per cent of the time, they’re off by 11 o’clock. All our users are well aware of it.”

Speaking after the meeting, Robson said the City will sometimes receive noise complaints.

“I would say depending on the day and what event you have going on would determine the complaints,” he explained.

Wind directions and whether it is a calm or windy day might play a role. These complaints are not only about racing events. It might be about parades, street dances or baseball games.

“I get complaints about kids kicking soccer balls too loud,” he said. “The alternative is we just sit at home. It is quieter but then you don’t have the opportunity to do other events.”

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