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Thursday, 26 April 2018 06:49

Badminton flies onto southwest high school courts

Written by  Deb Reamer
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Senior badminton playoffs have started with the section playoffs being held on Saturday, April 21.

 Thank you to Hazlet (commissioner Wade Caswell), Swift Current Comp (commissioner Eric Crosbie from Gull Lake) and Eastend (commissioners Shelley Morvik and Randy Johnson) for hosting our senior section badminton. We appreciate your time and effort! The following are the teams who placed in the top 4 and will be advancing to SWAC districts:
GIRLS SINGLES: 1. Cassendra Benson (Hazlet); 2. Kaitlynn Bradford (Cabri); 3. Braelynne Heck (Hazlet); 4. Lauren Fyke (Leader).
BOYS SINGLES: 1. Riley Hughes (Hazlet); 2. Dallyn Jamieson (Cabri); 3. Bobby Hudec (Fox Valley); 4. Justin Bos (Cabri).
GIRLS DOUBLES: 1. Kyla Tumbach/Payton Stimson (Leader); 2. Megan Tumbach/Kerstyn Wenzel (Leader); 3. Kaylyn Eremenko/Kayla Eng (Maple Creek); 4. Victoria Briggs/ Lori-Ann Briggs (Maple Creek).
BOYS DOUBLES: 1. Carson Leach/Jordan Mastel (Leader); 2. Mason Mass/Kayden Gramlich (Fox Valley); 3. Ethan Bosch/Sam Ganert (Fox Valley); 4. Brandon Deering/Riley Feiffer (Leader).
MIXED DOUBLES: 1. Matthew Ganert/Kenna Anton (Fox Valley); 2. Nicholas Ehnisz/Rebecca Chou (Fox Valley); 3. Erik Scory/Payton Wilkinson (Leader); 4. Morgan Bock/Connor Drever (Maple Creek).
GIRLS SINGLES: 1. Sara Kendall (Ponteix); 2. Teagan Ruf (Herbert); 3. Kelly Brestrop (Herbert); 4. Jewelya Murray (Gull Lake).
BOYS SINGLES: 1. Mason Smeby (Swift Current); 2. Shayde Lee (Ponteix); 3. Oakley Stewart (Swift Current); 4. Robert Lacher (Ponteix).
GIRLS DOUBLES: 1. Justine Bennett/Lara New (Swift Current); 2. Ashely Bakus/Carmen Hildebrand (Herbert); 3. Madison Weinbender/Precious Barraquio (Herbert); 4. Tia Gorril/Kayla Walters (Ponteix).
BOYS DOUBLES: 1. Dustin Kendall/Tanner Kendall (Ponteix); 2. Jayesh Budhrani/Austin Wiebe (Swift Current); 3. Tyson Peterson/Ryelee Bekker (Hodgeville); 4. Tyson Goffinet/Kim Mendoza (Ponteix).
MIXED DOUBLES: 1. Grady Rogers/ Monica Torales (Swift Current); 2. Teagan Newton/Ben Dyck (Hodgeville); 3. Rylan Schommer/Sierra Pleasance (Swift Current); 4. Jordyn Lacher/Jaedon Perkins (Ponteix).
GIRLS SINGLES: 1. Madison Bertram (Frontier); 2. Tiara Armstrong (Eastend) ; 3. Christena Pettyjohn (Consul) *Not advancing.
BOYS SINGLES: 1. Garret Mitchell (Frontier); 2. Cameron Kluzak (Frontier); 3. Rylan Egland (Eastend); 4. Ayden Kopp (Eastend).
GIRLS DOUBLES: 1. Kim Loyola/Kristine Escueta (Frontier); 2. Shanenia Pineda/Nicole Rapsing (Frontier); 3. Maisy Lyke/Sarah Ardent (Eastend); 4. Julia Dixon/Amber Duke (Eastend).
BOYS DOUBLES: 1. Brody Dumontel/Oakley Honey (Frontier); 2. Frank Knelsen/Austin Norheim (Frontier); 3. Mason Duquette/Jacob Duquette (Val Marie) *Not advancing
MIXED DOUBLES: 1. Jyllian Kaliciak/Landon Jarmon (Frontier); 2. Harlee Dube/Erick Monreal (Frontier); 3. Camryn Barton/Will Bandford (Eastend); 4. Bailee Humphrey/Barton (Eastend)
The SWAC senior district badminton will be at Swift Current Comp gym on Saturday, April 28 starting at 10 a.m.  The top 2 in each category will advance to SHSAA regionals in Moose Jaw on May 5.  Good luck to all our badminton players!
Junior badminton sub/section playoffs are all on Saturday, April 28 starting at 10 a.m.:
Cypress section @ Hazlet.  Top 4 advance.  Schools involved include Maple Creek, Fox Valley, Leader, Burstall, Cabri, Hazlet and Success.
Rolling Hills A@ Herbert.  Top 2 advance.  Schools involved include Gull Lake, Swift Current Comp, Herbert and Waldeck.
Rolling Hills B @ Ponteix.  Top 2 advance.  Schools involved include Irwin, Ponteix, Vanguard, Hodgeville and Wymark. 
Whitemud @ Eastend.  Top 4 advance.  Schools involved include Consul, Eastend, Frontier, Shaunavonand Val Marie. 
Junior Districts will take place at Shaunavon on May 5 starting at 10 a.m. 

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