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Thursday, 05 December 2013 10:12

Claresholm’s Besplug bull riding champ for the second time

Written by  Stephanie Labbe
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Chad Besplug earned the CFR’s bull riding championship title this year. Chad Besplug earned the CFR’s bull riding championship title this year. Photo courtesy Northlands

Chad Besplug has done it again. He earned the Canadian Finals Rodeo (CFR) bull riding championship this year after also winning it in 2011.

After coming back from a shoulder surgery halfway through the season this year, Besplug says he worked hard to get back in shape and ready to ride.
Overall, he says it was a successful season, especially given the fact he missed half of it and rode fresh off his shoulder surgery.
Just after CFR last year, Besplug had surgery and it took him out of competition for about six months.
“But, when I came back …well obviously it went as good as it could have,” says Besplug.
In August of 2012, he dislocated his shoulder in a Nashville event and since then, he had constantly been having problems with it. When looked at by a specialist, he was told there was some structure problems in his shoulder that needed to be surgically fixed to buy him a few more years riding bulls.
This year, Besplug attended 15 rodeos and did well. He finished fourth for the season.
“It feels really good …it feels a lot different, because the first time you’re … not surprised, but … it’s a pretty surreal experience, but now doing it for a second time, now I know it wasn’t a fluke that first time,” says Besplug about how it feels to be the CFR champion once again.
He adds winning twice helps boost his confidence knowing he is good at what he does.
Shoulder surgery usually takes people out of rodeo for two years, says Besplug. Nothing necessarily went particularly right for him this season, he just worked as hard as he possibly could to get back into it and earned every victory by working hard and being committed.
“I kind of made things happen.”
Now with the season over, Besplug says he’s taking a short break from training as hard. He’s currently deciding if he wants to head back south for the winter or if he’s just going to rodeo in Canada.
The money Besplug wins from his rodeos, he uses for living, as this is his full-time job. He also became engaged last year, so he’s saving to buy a house and a lot of money he earns is put into savings to help him finish his post-secondary education. When the time is right or when he is done bull riding, Besplug has decided he will return to school.
Besplug won $4,116.66 for being CFR champion this year and has total season earnings of $55,708.31.

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