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Magrath girls’ volleyball team looks good for the season

Written by  Stephanie Labbe
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Sage Finck bumps the ball up to the setter during the Magrath Pandas Senior girls’ game against the Chinook Coyotes, Sept. 13 at Chinook High School. Sage Finck bumps the ball up to the setter during the Magrath Pandas Senior girls’ game against the Chinook Coyotes, Sept. 13 at Chinook High School. Photo by Stephanie Labbe

Both the junior varsity and senior girls’ volleyball teams from Magrath had their first league games Sept. 13 in Lethbridge. Both look to be heading toward another successful season for each.

Travis Killian and his wife Kendell both coach or assist the JV and senior girls’ volleyball teams and Travis says this is their first year coaching this particular team.
Tara Anderson is the JV head coach and Hailey Finck and Anderson assist Travis and Kendell with coaching as well.
Both Killian and his wife have coached for about 20 years.
On Sept. 13, both teams lost to Chinook High School, but Killian says Chinook is a strong team and their Magrath girls played well against them.
Travis says the girls also attended the pre-season seating tournament for the league, prior to the opening league game Sept. 13.
“I thought the girls worked hard (Sept. 13) to try and stay in the game and I loved the attitude and how they continually encouraged one another,” adds Killian. “It was a great learning opportunity for the girls and I think the girls had many takes on things that they did well and things that they can improve on.”
Even though the season just started, Killian has already seen some improvement with both the JV and senior players.
Killian says both the JV and senior girls teams are willing to learn and work hard to get better. He’s excited for what they can do this season with that type of attitude.
“For our team, this is our first year coaching them. I have seen some great improvements already and I love the learning attitude they have. How far we go will depend largely on how hard the girls are willing to work. We have the talent to do well, we will just have to see how they develop,” he adds.
There are four returning Grade 12 players this year, two Grade 11 girls returning and two Grade 10 girls are new to the team.
Killian wants the girls to be a competitive team, but also wants them to develop a love for volleyball.
“I hope we have a team that works hard, looks out for each other and girls who develop a love for the sport and who learn that they can stretch themselves and do hard things. I would like to see us be competitive and challenge any team we face on the court.”
Killian and his wife met playing volleyball, so it’s more than just a game to them, it’s a large part of their life. He says they still play volleyball.
“My wife and I met playing volleyball here at the college and it has been a big part of our life. We are still playing on our community co-ed team that we joined 20 years ago. We love to pass on our knowledge of the game and see youth grow and achieve, I think that is the thrill for us,” adds Killian.
Both he and his wife only coach volleyball.
Killian works at the Lethbridge College as an IT specialist and his wife drives bus, is a photographer and he says she does a wonderful job raising their two children.
Killian also has his own honey business, so both he and his wife keep themselves busy.

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