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Thursday, 28 April 2016 06:02

NDP in a no-win situation with Leap Manifesto? Not so fast

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The claim the local NDP are in a no-win with the Leap Manifesto (April 12) is both presumptuous and exaggerated.
At the federal NDP convention, the Leap document was not adopted as policy as some are trying to imply, merely agreed to be discussed at the local riding level.
In a true democracy we do not fear discussion, but we embrace it. It is only through dialogue and discussion that we can craft policy that represents the hope and dreams of Canadians, coast to coast. Like many, I too was initially concerned with the emphasis on the no new fossil-fuel infrastructure, but when I read the entire document and looked at the motion which was actually passed at the convention, I realized that much of the media and certain politicians were making much ado about nothing.
The other 14 points in the non-partisan document present possible vision for our nation on a variety of issues relevant to Canadians such as housing, health, education, electoral reform, and a national child care program. Leap also calls for resources and training to be available to workers in the non-renewable resource industries, which will promote new careers in the emerging alternative energy economy of today and tomorrow.
Despite what has been presented by certain media pundits and by some politicians, the NDP is not rushing into adapting the entirety of the Leap Manifesto as policy, but engaging in a two-year discussion allowing for grassroots input and development of ideas, with the document as a starting point for that discussion.
In a democracy, we should be encouraged to debate controversial topics, and present differing points of views in the search for a better way, not to operate in fear and refuse to be part of the discussion.
Now is the time to dream and make our voice and ideas heard, and to heed the words of the Greatest Canadian, Tommy Douglas: “Courage my friends, ’tis not too late to build a better world.”
Scott Raible, Medicine Hat

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