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Wednesday, 20 April 2016 14:01

Society should focus efforts on saving lives of the unborn

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 For weeks now, we have been able to read of parents being persecuted because their young son died. I am disgusted that we as society will allow this to go on and on.
All this while every day hundreds of innocent children are cruelly torn apart in the mother’s womb, without any consideration.
I saw a sign the other day that says, “killing the unborn is choice, but killing an animal is cruelty.”
I appeal to society, let’s stop this abuse of justice, and force the government to spend the money wasted on persecuting these parents (I am not saying they did nothing wrong) and spend it on stopping abortions instead.
Let’s raise our voice for the unborn.
Aris Slingerland, Lethbridge, Alta.

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