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Wednesday, 13 April 2016 14:11

Sask. people enjoy pain and suffering?

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Masochist — one who takes pleasure in suffering  pain or humiliation (Wikipedia).
The Saskatchewan economy is not in good shape; not only oil prices, mines are shut down, manufacturing is down, and skeleton crews for maintenance. With the unemployment there is downward pressure on wages, housing prices are down, more people are using food banks, and the list goes on, but for the 75-cent dollar we would be in worse shape.
One political party coined the expression “Keep Saskatchewan Strong.” The Master of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, would make a catchy jingle, disregarding the truth, and repeat it time and again. The technique works, the Saskatchewan Party got re-elected.  
Another jingle, “Remember what it was like under the NDP?” That was after Grant Devine.
Compared to what it can be like after Brad Wall, those might be considered good times.
By re-electing Wall’s party, can people in Saskatchewan be masochists?
Lorne Jackson, Riverhurst, Sask.

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