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Wednesday, 23 March 2016 13:47

Remarks show ugly side of politics

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Just after his first election to become Premier of the province a video was released showing a young brazen, to put it lightly, Brad Wall mocking Ukrainians for which he later apologized.
The people of Saskatchewan  accepted his apology and moved on. The NDP have been much more severe in responding to this issue of potential MLAs who made disparaging remarks and  the people of  Saskatchewan should move on.
If the federal government gives money to the oil companies to clean up old well sites, it should be a loan. When oil reaches $50 a barrel, they should have to start paying it back. Polluter should pay.
The fact the abandoned oil well sites are a file in  the Ministry of the Economy rather than Ministry of the Environment has me scratching my head.
It is just too convenient that Bill Boyd sued the CBC so he can avoid having to talk about the Regina land deal.
The Carbon Capture project  has cost  the taxpayers of Saskatchewan millions because they could not meet their commitments. They also  have misled the people of Saskatchewan about how much  carbon is being captured. In the big picture, it is next to nothing.
The smart meters turned out to be stupid costing the taxpayers millions.
If you are rich you can jump the line for an MRI and potentially CT scans.  
Rather than  making university more accessible for “working class families” he gives “middle-class students” a way to by  homes.
 The marginalized and the poorest of the poor  are given a bus ticket out of the province.
To show the Government is serious about Climate Change there should be a carbon tax paid out of the MLAs’ own  pockets (especially for Gravy Plane Bill Boyd who in four years spent  $400,000 on flights) when using aircraft government and domestic  and on government vehicles. I pay a voluntary Carbon Tax on the Air Canada website when I fly even when not using that air line.
Lastly, for every one dollar saved by the Lean Strategy it costs Saskatchewan taxpayers $1,511 according to the School of Public Health at the University of Saskatchewan.
William Gibbs, Swift Current

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