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Wednesday, 09 March 2016 16:33

Wall has not been good to seniors

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What has the Wall government done to seniors?
Let’s go back a bit. They raised the maximum cost of drugs from $15 to $20. Then they increased the cost of ambulance service from maximum $250 to $ 275. That’s the minor part.
Let me start this by saying I am a Type 2 diabetic. I also have other serious health issues which further complicates my situation.
Before Christmas, as my blood sugar levels were seriously out of whack, my doctor decided she would try a new drug.
One question killed that idea, the fact that I couldn’t say what would happen if I took sulfa drugs, which my mother told me decades ago that I was allergic to, so I didn’t qualify.
We settled for an obviously less effective drug, which I tried until a couple of weeks ago.
On my regular visit to my doctor, at which time I have always provided a daily blood sugar reading mainly due to my condition, she showed great concern for the further deterioration of my readings.
She decided to try another drug and check in in a couple of weeks.
As I was getting low on my test strips, I went to my pharmacy, who by the way have been bending over backwards to help solve this situation, only to find my strips were no longer the maximum $20, but  now $91, the reason being someone who most likely can’t spell diabetes properly ,decided it was useless to test Type 2 diabetics, however it was OK to do so if we pay $91 rather than the usual $20.
My question is,what will this Brad Wall government do next to harm seniors? Could it be he is on his way to eliminating universal health care? Maybe he should run for the federal conservatives, as he would fit perfectly into former Primer Minister Stephen Harper’s chair. Thank you Mr. Wall.
Oh yeah, isn’t this the same government who cannot solve the issue of providers in our senior homes from physically throwing our 90 plus seniors from bed to chair and watching them struggle to get up?
Steve MacInnis, Morse

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