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Wednesday, 02 March 2016 16:10

Sad irony of book release and Graham James saga

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How sad; how ironic that Patricia Stewart's book "Not Just Words..." which took 14 years agonizing years to complete, has come out at the very time that graham James – once again – has been granted release from prison.
This event serves to compound  Ms. Stewart's view of the callous indifference displayed by our present judicial system in their handling of this genre of offenders.
For the Graham James of the world, I have a solution: once they are paroled, tattoo a target on their forehead (for identity purposes only of course) and post a bounty to bring them back to jail.
There would be no hardship on the government as I'm sure the money would put in in. Oops, that would be a real crime. Too bad.
Sylvia O'Brien, Swift Current

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