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Wednesday, 17 February 2016 15:04

Sask. gov’t priorities are curious when it comes to blood donor clinics

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John Stuart Mill (1806-1873) a paraphrase of one of his statements; “not all, but most right-wing politicians are stupid, and most stupid people vote that way.”
Let us see if the Saskatchewan Party qualifies.
There is a Blood Drive held in Moose Jaw the first Tuesday of every month.
People who donate are asked to rest for 15 minutes after donating. Doughnuts, supplied and paid for by the government, used to be available for them to eat. As a cost-cutting measure, doughnuts, supplied by the government, are no longer available.
Now, a private company wants to collect blood and will pay the donors. The Ontario government will not let this company operate in their province, but our premier, Brad Wall, is allowing them to set up shop in this province. Interestingly, the Saskatchewan Party which does not have money to supply doughnuts to a blood donor clinic, does have  money to buy blood from this company.
Now on to the second part of Mill’s statement. There are many reasons why allowing a company such as this to come into our province would not only be considered a bad move, but a stupid decision on the part of our province.
How many more decisions like this have been made by our provincial government?
We could expect Mill to say, if people are too stupid to realize what is happening, then the Saskatchewan Party will be re-elected.
Lorne Jackson, Riverhurst, Sask.

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