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Wednesday, 17 February 2016 14:39

Brad Wall is almost right on his appeal for financial support from Ottawa

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It is true, we need some relief for our struggling Working Class families that are suffering from the drop in price per barrel of oil. Too many families are now feeling the pain of the Boom/Bust resource economy.
I submit this letter to suggest our Premier Brad Wall could do much to make the best of a horrible situation, while rebuilding the fractured bridges, between left- and right-wing supporters.
We, as a province, know our education and health-care infrastructure requires much in the way of repairs and expansion to meet the needs of our people at this critical time as well.
Instead of implementing risky P3 programs for our essential health and community needs while pleading the Federal Liberal government for money to clean up the responsibilities of resource companies, we could use that support funding to provide employment and training opportunities through building and expanding our roadways, schools and hospitals.
These large-scale construction projects would have abundant opportunities for out-of-work people to ply their trade in a different setting, create numerous more opportunities for other resource workers to find employment as construction hands, including picking up a new skilled trade. Our friends and family members gain new skills, careers and prospects for their futures while we as a community retain possession and control of our societal assets
Let us focus on building up our citizens while they get to provide for their families, constructing a public legacy that will carry us forward well beyond the next boom in the markets; let us establish Saskatchewan's bloom by getting folks back to work, building our communities.
Chris Mulhall, Wymark, Sask.

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