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Wednesday, 27 January 2016 14:13

Regina Highway #1 Bypass – Why Tower Road

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The Regina Committee For An Alternative Bypass Solution is committed to an Effective and Functional Regina Highway #1 Bypass that will reroute heavy traffic, while ensuring safety and efficiency are top priorities. A majority of taxpayers, 99% of the informed public, do not accept the chosen route, which is already within city limits, immediately adjacent to residential development. This route is barely going to serve Regina and community for the next 5 year, let alone 50 years.
Government Studies from 1993 suggested Tower Road was already too close to City Limits. The traffic generated by new developments along Victoria Avenue East has only added to the congestion over the past 20 years. With the addition of the proposed Aurora Retail Complex at Highway #1 and Tower Road, there will be an even further increase to this congestion. Safety for the travelling public would be better served if traffic was routed AROUND Regina, outside of current City Limits.
Highways engineers have told us that they don’t agree with the location of the Regina Bypass at Tower Road, that the developers influenced the decision. A 2004 Government Study showed growth projections had surpassed expectancy 30 years earlier than predicted. The land is already being developed beside Tower Road.
We strongly urge the government to go back to the drawing board and get it right the first time, and quit ignoring the costs – both financially and safety wise - to commuters and residents throughout this great province.
The Alternative North Regina Bypass Route from Balgonie will take 90% of the truck traffic North, South and West around the city. This route will save taxpayers $1 BILLION DOLLARS and provide a functional bypass for over 50 years.
Reducing costs to taxpayers must be considered a top priority when building the largest infrastructure project in Saskatchewan history. Build for the FUTURE, and not the PAST with an Outdated, Flawed, and Dysfunctional Regina Bypass Design.

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