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Wednesday, 27 January 2016 14:00

Near to have a clear look at perfect vision for the poor

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A perfect vision for the poor: The amount of inequality in the world is staggering.
Recently, we learned that 62 people are as rich as almost 4 billion of the world’s poorest. Their combined wealth could easily lift those 4 billion out of poverty with plenty left over for yachts, mansions, limousines and cigars.
When the wealth trickles up to the richest, it leaves less and less for the rest of us and it’s the poor who suffer most.
So, compassionate people push their governments to give more aid dollars to alleviate suffering and bring education, sanitation and hope to the extremely poor. And governments do step up but not always enough. 50 years ago, our own Lester B. Pearson proposed a benchmark of 0.7% of Gross National Income which the United Nations adopted.
Canada has never achieved that goal and in 2014 gave less than half that amount. It’s time Canada stood proud among the nations who do give .7% and more. We can work our way up to that amount in the next four years. By 2020, let’s reach that perfect vision for the poor. Write or call Prime Minister Trudeau and tell him it’s your vision too.
Paulie Duhaime
Calgary AB

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