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Wednesday, 18 November 2015 16:06

Time to send more to help other countries’ children

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Could you end poverty with one coffee a day?
Would you be willing to give 0.7 per cent of your income to help someone you don’t know?
Every 11 seconds a child dies in the third world. 
We have improved this number from every four seconds since 1990, but I don’t want to rest on this.
The UN believes that if the developed  governments of the world contribute 0.7 per cent of their income to international development, we could eliminate  severe poverty. 
What we ask of our government is no different than what Canadians are doing right now.  The average Canadian gives an average 0.8 per cent to charity. 
Average income of Canadians is $68,000, which works out to $476. That is less that a Tim  Horton’s coffee a day.
Let’s ask the Government to meet our expectations. Ask your MP if the current 0.24 per cent funding is enough to help the most vulnerable. And is a child’s death every 11 seconds good enough?
Bob Smith, Hampton, Ont.

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