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Wednesday, 28 October 2015 14:22

The Elmwood project is causing a lot of residual problems

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Further to Mr. Mitch Minken’s recent comments in the media, regarding planned landscaping around the Lift Station adjacent to Hillcrest Dr. and the new Elmwood Community Development.
I would like to put forth a few things to think about.
1. Would it be too much to ask that the equipment and surplus materials stored between Nancy Moen Dr. and Elmwood Community Dr. be removed in a timely manner, i.e. ASAP.
2. Remove or arrange to have removed the pile of used railway ties west of the 18th hole. They have been laying there for more than a year.
3. I am not sure if the little brown “shack” left at the south end of the Elmwood Development is being retained for a future guard housefor the development or for a “dog house”.Anyway it has class.
4. The planned landscaping around the lift station appears to have been literally “stumped” for three weeks. A majority of the street curbing required along Hillcrest Dr. has been been installed except the curb in the area of the tree stump near the existing lift station. This also prevents pavement patching along the yet-to-be-installed curbing. At the present progress it will likely remain under construction for the winter. Stumped by a stump.
5. We would like to suggest the landscaping as presented for the lift station area is a “patch”and should be delayed until a comprehensive landscaping plan can be developed in co-operation between the City and SCGC and that it be executed and maintained by the Parks Dept. as our Parks Dept. gets full marks for keeping our parks and green areas in excellent condition.
The area to be developed should extend along the  north side of Hillcrest Dr. from Memorial Dr. to the west end of the 2100 block of Hillcrest Dr. This would create a badly-needed area of “curbside appeal” for both the “premiere” golf course and the “prestigious” Elmwood residential development.
Only one problem, it might even be appreciated by the area residents as it would be a step up from the historically gopher infested area that has existed for many years.
Some thought and action relating to the matters noted would be much appreciated by the the area residents and could be a win-win for all parties. This small project could be done at a modest cost, keeping in mind the golf course has an excellent water supply which is readily available in the area.
Involving some area representation in this project would certainly help soften the bitterness that has developed from the poor handling of this project.
It makes the situation worse when you read that the neighbourhoods around the abandoned school properties which are scheduled to be redeveloped are going to be involved in the process.
All this is particularly hurtful when Mr. Marcus  has been quoted, “A plan will be developed as to how those sites could potentially be used. Once that is done our bylaw specifically states that public input is then to take place. All the residents in that area will have a chance for input. As well as the general pupils.”
Wow! And this is “where life makes sense”.
I have obviously missed something. Maybe being north of the tracks has something to do with it.
Gerry Salter, Swift Current

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