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Friday, 16 October 2015 06:31

Assistant editor seems to be living in a ‘dream world’

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Just a comment on the editorial in the Prairie Post Sept. 25 written by Rose Sanchez.
I would suggest to Ms. Sanchez that she should have a quick read of Anne Coulter’s new book Adios America.
How can we accept immigrants that think it is okay to sell their 14-year-old old daughter to  some 40-year-old perp to be abused?
How about the custom of honour killings and genital mutilation of teenage girls? These atrocities happen in Canada and the perps say they did nothing wrong, telling us “it is the custom in our country.”
Asian gangs are duking it out on the streets of Vancouver and Toronto, Muslim women want Canadian citizenship, but on their terms. They like free health care, subsidized housing and maybe welfare, but object to showing their faces in citizenship court. How many older third-world immigrants, brought over by their kids, even try to learn English or French?
We are the ones expected to change. Turbans in the RCMP, ceremonial daggers in schools, Christmas trees removed from public places and so it goes.
Ms. Sanchez says we are all immigrants ... correct. The difference is most Canadian settlers were from western  and eastern Europe. These folks built up this great country. They assimilated and were accepted.
Most third-world immigrants, who are the majority now, do not contribute. They are dragging us down.
Hong Kong Chinese buy up Vancouver and Victoria houses at hugely inflated prices, shutting out Canadian home buyers.
I suggest to readers, assimilation first and acceptance will follow. Trouble is today’s third-world immigrants do not want to assimilate.
My family came from Germany in 1957. We assimilated, obeyed Canadian laws, learned English, followed Canadian customs and were accepted because of it.
So in closing Ms. Sanchez, you are living in a dream world and should open your eyes and pay attention to how immigrants these days do not want to assimilate, but want all this wonderful country offers.
Hans Ueckert

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