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Friday, 16 October 2015 06:30

Goose is the best choice for national bird

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Recently, the celebrated Canadian Geographic magazine has initiated the National Bird Project with an objective of designating a National Bird for Canada by the year 2017 through a process of online voting by choosing from over 450 different species of birds across the nation.
The current top five contestants are: 1. Common loon, 2. Snowy owl, 3. Gray jay, 4. Canada goose and 5. Black capped chickadee.
The common loon has already been designated as the State Bird for Ontario and is also inscribed on the Canadian 1$ as an iconic representation of the Canadian wildlife and should not be reconsidered once again as the National Bird. Hence it is important for us to identify a species that does not already represent different provinces and territories of Canada; such as the Snowy owl (Quebec) or the Black-capped chickadee (New Brunswick).
The National Bird of the US, the Bald eagle does not represent any other states of the nation to have its unique designation as the National Bird. Hence, it is important to designate a species that do not represent any other province or territory in Canada and at the same time represents the uniqueness of wild Canada at its best to symbolize our great nation.
I sincerely believe that Canada goose (Branta canadaensis L,) serves as the best species to be designated as the National Bird due to its presence in all the provinces and territories. Several sub species are reported from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic.
It is an iconic representative of the grand Canadian wilderness and has been parts of numerous folklores and legends of our First Nation communities throughout the nation. Canada goose carries the wild spirits of Canadians and to my mind is the best candidate to be designated as the National Bird of Canada.
Through your esteemed newspaper I would like to request all to vote for Canada goose in the online voting organized for the National Bird Project by the Canadian Geographic magazine.  
Saikat Kumar Basu, Lethbridge AB

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