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Wednesday, 14 October 2015 15:21

Auditor’s report about Swift Current is scary

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I should have written this letter of thanks for his excellent letters on this and the Spring Valley development long before now. Thanks Don, even if it hurt a few feelings.

I can see why the City wanted to keep everything secret from the residents who pay all of them.
Don has mentioned in published comments that 12 employees earned more than $100,000 last year.
I was quite surprised at the low figure as our city is full of managers. Because of their titles they all earn more.
Every media report has a manager giving the details.
How many managers do we have or need? Six or seven at best. Also mentioned was the huge increase in employees over the last few years.
We haven’t had the growth to warrant this action. Of course all these managers mentioned think they need a pyramid of employees under them. How many of these hirings were advertised or posted? Very few. Makes one wonder why the hirings took place.
As for the Spring Valley development, it smells very much like rotten eggs and must be investigated.
Have any of the outstanding questions been answered?
I will also add Elmwood development which also smells of rotten eggs as well in my opinion.
Just curious, did the golf club make any effort on their own to raise funds?
A 40-year loan without interest. Give us a break. Was any consultation of area residents given before hand? No. Both hit all of us like a bolt of lightning. These two developments necessitated borrowing $9 million alone which we can’t afford with our huge debt already.
How are we going to pay these debts? Oh, just raise taxes which are already skyrocketing.
We should work on lowering our debt before making unnecessary expenditures such as these.
There is absolutely no consideration for the army of senior homeowners on fixed pensions with skyrocketing taxes. Many will be forced to sell their homes. Ottawa and Regina are encouraging seniors to remain in their homes. Not Swift Current. This also applies to young couples who just purchased their first home thinking they could budget. They will also face difficulties.
Still a big concern is wasteful spending. Just two examples was the glossy mass mailing of the city budget to all.
It was already printed in the Swift Current media. Many would just end up in recycle as it doesn’t pertain to them.
My second was the old Museum fiasco, which was sold for peanuts without tender. A tender may have brought in a good dollar.
You probably say, “what is a tender?” You then turned around and repurchased for a pretty penny.
There is probably plans in the works to get the debt limit increased. Work on reducing our huge debt instead.
A couple of interesting statistics.
Moose Jaw has only 210 union employees for a city over twice the size and Regina’s debt is just over four times our debt. Perhaps we should rename our city to “Secret City”.
OG Daniels, Swift Current

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