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Wednesday, 07 October 2015 14:15

Conservative re-election means same ugliness

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Here we are, just days away from voting our next house of Commons into power. The information about Stephen Harper’s patronage posting of big conservative supporters is not news to me. He is simply doing what he does so well.
Ordinary folk don’t count in Canada’s democracy any more, it seems. The time has come for us to take back our country. Enough is enough.
When you go to the polls, and you will go to the polls, be aware of how this election rigging is being played out daily.  Harper’s abuse of the whole system is well documented. Words do not match actions. Conservative representatives are basically tape recorders, saying only what Harper will allow. I am not voting with the family tradition this election.
You must search your hearts, and do what you must do when voting. As much as I trust our parliamentary process, I am in favour of putting the first past the post system away, replacing it with a system of proportional representation in parliament.
There is much work to be done in improving our democracy. Hate and fear are not allowed in my country. Ignorance breeds low vibrations in people, and Harper  knows exactly what he is doing to keep us in the dark.
This suits his agenda in keeping “Harper Canada” secure. This is my Canada, and it belongs to the people, not big business as usual. The elite stand to lose their cushy status in this important juncture of our country. I tis time for the needs of regular Canadians to be first in the service of our representatives.
Service is an honourable profession. We serve one another here in Canada, and we are a family. We are citizens of the world. We are responsible for our neighbour’s well being. I am Canadian.
Harry Oliver, Medicine Hat, Alta.

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