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Why did Swift Current Chamber of Commerce not have an election forum?

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Why would the Swift Current and District Chamber of Commerce pick this particular federal election to decide it is not in the best interests of the citizens of Swift Current to be able to participate in an all-candidates debate?
I can only think of one reason. They are protecting their candidate Mr. David Anderson.
They don’t want us making Anderson answer to why he was willing to be in the 2006 election along with 64 other Conservative candidates who were found guilty in 2011 and fined.
 He doesn’t have to answer to his statements based on extremist religious views. He doesn’t have to answer to why he thinks a Saudi Arabia company will have the Canadian farmers’ interests as a priority over their own country’s interests.
He doesn’t have to explain his so-called tribute to the veterans which was really self-promotion.
He doesn’t have to explain why the Conservatives initiated fear-mongering robo calls during the re-drawing of the federal constituency map of Saskatchewan for which they were found guilty and fined.
He doesn’t have to answer to why he believes the State should have the right to regulate a woman’s womb.
He doesn’t have to answer to his silence when a local person’s ad made racist and homophobic comments.
He doesn’t have to answer as to why he participated in an event in Ottawa organized by a religious extremist Timothy Bloedow referred to as God and Government in 2012.    
William Gibbs, Swift Current

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