Wednesday, 07 October 2015 14:10

Cdn. history being erased by fed. gov’t

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Who is served by suppressing information?
Discontinuing the long-form census means no reliable data collection regarding living conditions of Canadians. How then to create good long-term policy?
Libraries at Federal ag research facilities (like the stations at Swift Current and Lethbridge) have been closed. Librarians have been fired. Thousands of books, manuals, journals, and research papers have been destroyed. Valuable archival papers dating back more than 100 years are moved to neglected basement corners.
This dumbing down of Canadians is happening as we enter a period of climate variability which has already caused political instability. This is precisely the wrong time to fire librarians, send research papers and books to the dumpsters, muzzle scientists and decrease the knowledge base.
Who is served? Not Canada or the Canadian public.
The 2015 general election is a chance to change direction — both an opportunity and a responsibility for everyone.
Stewart Wells, Swift Current, Sask.

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