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It’s a dangerous game of economic chicken

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Chicken Farmers of Canada ("CFC") says 90 million kg of foreign chicken is brought into Canada in 2014.  What CFC failed to mention is that more than 60 million kg of that foreign chicken is "spent chicken" (eg. old laying hens &/or roosters) that is smuggled into Canada via fraudulent mis-labeling so as to avoid the 285% import tariff. 
That chicken is then sold inside Canada at 50% to 300% higher prices than what the rest of the world pays for similar chicken.CFC claims they produce significant jobs and GDP.  However, CFC fails to mention that Canada enjoys only 1.4% of the chicken export market owned by all the other OECD nations; Canada is in last place.  Canada can't export more because of WTO limits imposed due to our Supply Management subsidies.  If Chicken Supply Management was to disappear, and Canada was able to regain its competitive leadership, then we could enjoy a Canadian chicken industry that is 5 times bigger than today, five times more jobs, and 5 times more GDP.
Canada's 2,700 multi-millionaire commercial chicken farmers are the highest paid farmers in Canada, and their Supply Management monopoly costs Canada and Canadians 312,000 jobs, and $7.6 Billion in additional taxes.
Canadians are forced to pay one of the highest prices for chicken in the world, an annual gouging of an additional $11 Billion per year.
There are more than 60,000 small flock chicken farmers in Canada, who have no say in all the above.  Unfortunately, just 2,700 chicken farmers have been delegated government powers that they use to strip away the rights and freedoms of the majority of chicken farmers, creating for themselves a monopoly, used it to become multi-millionaires, and gouge the public with over-priced, poor quality chicken.  This is unfair to the the public, and the majority of chicken farmers (the small flock farmers). 
Glenn Black, President
Small Flock Poultry Farmers of Canada

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