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MP says NDP needs to look at its own record on the senate

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If Chris Mulhall (Prairie Post July 14, 2015) was genuinely concerned about accountability in public office, he would be turning his attention to his own federal party.
Over 60 NDP MPs improperly spent over 2.5 million of taxpayers' dollars setting up NDP political offices in contravention of the rules of the House of Commons (including Mr. Mulcair at $400,000). Because they refuse to repay the money voluntarily, the House of Commons is being forced to recover the money from these Members.
This is just one of numerous examples of how the NDP repeatedly push the limits of what is allowed. Earlier, the NDP had accepted over $300,000 in illegal union donations related to financing three separate conventions.
Most recently, they were accused of using their free House of Commons mailing privileges to influence recent by-elections.
Their shenanigans add up to more than three times the amount that the Auditor General found in his entire Senate audit.
If Mr. Mulhall wants to regain some credibility on these issues, he should begin by demanding that his own party follow the rules and repay the money they owe Canadian taxpayers.
With regard to Senate reform, Mr. Mulhall again fails to acknowledge that meaningful Senate change can only take place in one way.
The Supreme Court was clear - any major change to the Senate can only come through the provinces, with all 10 premiers agreeing to the change. Currently, the provinces cannot even agree to reform the Senate, let alone the details of what that would look like.
David Anderson, MP
Cypress Hills - Grasslands

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