Wednesday, 08 July 2015 11:25

Majority of southwest Sask. citizens want Senate eliminated

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86%: over 3,700 Saskatchewan party members that took part in a mail-in vote on Senate abolishment, the results revealed, an overwhelmingly clear majority (86%) supported the resolution on abolishing the Senate. 
Brad Wall, the Premier of the province of Saskatchewan and MLA of Swift Current constituency, which happens to right in the middle of the Cypress Hills Grasslands riding that Mr. Anderson was elected to represent, also agrees we should do away with the Senate. 
“The Senate is never going to run properly and it’s never going to be worth the money we put into it. So it should be scrapped,” Brad Wall was quoted in a CBC News article dated Jun 09, 2015.  There is a clear message from the citizens of southwest Saskatchewan, the time for reformation has long passed by, and it is time for abolishment. 
Yet, in his previous letter, Mr. Anderson has repeated his continued disregard for our, the citizens of Cypress Hills Grasslands, desire for the abrogation of the Senate, by continually supporting his and Steven Harper’s call for reform instead.  The question still remains, even amidst all the deflection and misdirection that Mr. Anderson has attempted to use as a distraction, why is he not acting as our representative in Ottawa instead of as Steven Harper’s messenger to us?
There is, as Nik Nanos once stated, “A fundamental disconnect between the everyday lives of Canadians and their elected representatives.”  Why is this? When did our elected politicians decide that their party allegiance took priority over the wills and wishes of the constituents that sent them to Ottawa in the first place?
The people of Saskatchewan have spoken Mr. Anderson, what remains to be seen is if you will listen?
Chris Mulhall
Wood River NDP Candidate

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