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Wrongs need to be righted with Canadian First Nations

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I was extremely impressed to listen to Justice Murray Sinclair, as well as Perry Bellgarde, the National Chief.
These two gentlemen both radiated sincerity right through the TV screen.
The Justice laid out the 94 recommendations needed to turn things around in our relationship with our First Nations sisters and brothers. Please note, I said First Nations, because this land was theirs long before any of us ever existed.
In that process, treaties were signed on behalf of all of us, and must be respected. As the Justice said, all recommendations cannot be enacted immediately, but certainly the ones of top priority can be.
Firstly, we must have a national inquiry into missing aboriginal sisters. Of equal importance, we must bring into our education systems, the history concerning the first people on these lands and the deplorable roads that our then leaders followed including my own church leaders, in regards to residential schools. Those are two good beginnings, and then we must see that our education is provided for all Canadians.
The time for our government to study is long gone.
Now is the time for action. Perhaps, the main event for governments would be to meet with the very intelligent leaders of our First Nations, and realize why God gave us two ears and one mouth, so that we hear twice as much as we say.
Since the apology in 2007, no progress has been made.
An apology without actions to change is useless.
As for my fellow Canadians, we must accept that some will hang on to their ignorant remarks, etc., but as Perry Bellegarde says, we must get past all that and move on in a positive manner.
For myself, allow me to apologize an behalf of all those who care, both in our political circles, and my church setting. I can’t even imagine how any of this could have been allowed in my otherwise great country. I stand for justice and fairness for all my sisters and brothers.
Steve McInnis, Morse, Sask.

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