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MP should push gov’t about Senate

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Trevor Peterson, NDP Candidate for Cypress Hills-Grasslands, brought up some very valid concerns around how Conservative Members of Parliament are failing to represent our constituency in Ottawa by not voicing our distrust of the Red Chamber and the Prime Minister who appointed this record number of Senators. 
Silence implies consent, leaving us citizens to believe that Mr. Anderson wholly supports the travesty that the Senate has become, stacked as it is with Conservative and Liberal appointees. Not only has there been little to no action by our elected representative in the House of Commons in regards to the boondoggle that is the ‘Golden Handshake Senate Appointment’ track record of Mr. Harper, but there has been a deafening silence here at home as to where our MP stands on the issue of the Prime Ministers appointees and actions of the PMO especially in light of the ever-broadening scandal of the Duffy affair.
Where does the blame rightfully lay when our voice is silent in our capital? With the Prime Minister of Canada, as there have been many bills put forward lately that attempt to restrict our freedoms, thus scaring many Canadians from speaking out?  With our local representative to Ottawa for forgetting which way democracy is supposed to work, from the people up, not the leader down?  With us, the southwest Saskatchewan residents, who being the salt of the earth people we are, kept our heads down as we focused on our own toils and communities? We all carry some fault in this situation. 
How do we mend our ways and return to the intended function of our democracy? First, by holding our elected representative accountable and continually reminding him of his duty to represent all of the citizens in our constituency.
By publicly expressing our critical need for our MP to act not on our behalf, but by our behalf, as his responsibility is to us citizens, not the party. Democracy only works if everyone does his part, otherwise it risks slipping into absolutism, with government controlling citizens instead of working for them.
Mr. Anderson, do not forget the people of Cypress Hills-Grasslands elected you to be our representative in Ottawa, not to be Mr. Harper’s representative here in our riding.
Chris Mulhall, Wymark, Sask.

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