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Interesting variations on the term ‘audit’

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When you Google the definition of “audit”, the results are all similar to this definition from Investopedia:  “Audit-- 1. An unbiased examination and evaluation of the financial statements of an organization.”
RCMP testimony at the Mike Duffy trial last week gives us a glimpse of the desperation of Steven Harper’s office (the PMO) when it came to protecting his “best and hardest working Senator” by defeating those basic principles of an “audit”.
In a plan cooked up in Harper’s office, senior Senators, namely David Tkachuk from Saskatchewan and Carolyn Stewart Olsen, were dispatched to secretly alter an internal audit of Senate finances and thereby keep Canadians in the dark. 
“Nixonian”, “cover-up”, “Duffygate”—these are just a few of the terms that describe the actions of the Prime Minister’s office.  In the words of the most senior staff person in Harper’s office, falsifying the audit was intended …”to put Mike in a different bucket and to prevent him from going squirrely in a bunch of weekend panel shows.”
And what have we heard from our own Conservative MP, David Anderson, on the issue?  Nothing. 
Anyone who stays silent on the morality of falsifying audits is in fact condoning that behavior and simply cannot be trusted on any issue.
 The RCMP documents show that this is not about just one bad apple—the whole barrel smells rotten.  And the RCMP testimony also raises another question:  “Is it likely that this is the first time the Conservative government has engaged in this kind of behavior, or have they just gotten away with similar actions in the past and assumed that more lies to the Canadian public would be just business as usual?”
It is irresponsible for the Prime Minister to think Party first, Canada a distant second.
Trevor Peterson, Assiniboia Sk
(NDP Candidate for Grasslands Cypress)

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