Wednesday, 20 May 2015 16:13

MP has a lot of actions to answer for recently

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MP David Anderson has made inappropriate statements  to which he has had to “apologize” to the Inuit MP from Nunavut. 
He does not believe in choice for women but rather that the State has the right to regulate a woman’s womb. He did not apologize for robo calls made on behalf of the Conservative Party on changes to constituency borders in Saskatchewan for which they were fined. 
His so-called David Anderson tribute to Vets was nothing more than a self-promotion scam.
For Anderson, a commission into the murder and disappearance of aboriginal women is not on. Even farmers who supported doing a way with the wheat board never for second saw or approved of the Saudi Arabia solution.
He is okay with overcrowded prisons that look like puppy factories and believes in the use of solitary confinement torturing.
He believes we have a class of “poor” rich people who need tax breaks instead of support the real poor.
He could care less about the environment.
It is time to heave Anderson.
William Gibbs, Swift Current

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