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Letter of thanks to the community of Swift Current for its support of the Salvation Army

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 Near the end of April every year, many Salvation Army Officers receive a phone call to inform them they are being posted to a new community.
This April, Susan and I received that phone call. On June 26 we will assume responsibility for Corps 614 Regent Park in inner city Toronto. This means June 21 will be our last day in Swift Current.
While we are looking forward to new ministry opportunities, we will really miss everyone in Swift Current. In our time, here we have seen so many ways that God has blessed our community.
Even though the number of people needing assistance from the food bank has steadily risen, the number of repeat users has continually declined which means that, through your support, we have been able to address many people’s real needs and help them through difficult times.
Thank you Swift Current.
We have been blessed every year through the Christmas campaign as this community continues to rise to meet the growing needs in our community. In December 2014, Swift Current helped hundreds of marginalized families. Last Christmas the $210,000 that was raised in our community, I believe, was the most per capita of any city in this country.
Thank you Swift Current.
We have also been blessed to host the Community Christmas Day Dinner at the Army for our whole time in this community. This is an amazing ministry. Many community partners work together to make this a success. After a short church service we serve about 200 people a full Christmas meal, have entertainment and gifts enough for everyone. This is a wonderful time that brings together people regardless of age, race, gender, socio-economic status or any other division.
We have enjoyed working with our community partners to see so many people blessed every Christmas. This meal has been such a blessing that The Salvation Army has continued to provide community meals every week. It really is a privilege to open our doors to so many friends in this way every Monday night.
Thank you Swift Current.
We were also blessed in our time here to set up the hospital chaplaincy program in partnership with the health region and in conjunction with SCAMA.
We have been honoured to set up the court worker program in our community. This is a wonderful ministry where we have been able to help victims, offenders and others through the court process. We have been able to assist many people asthey transition through incarceration. We have been also blessed to partner with Christ the Redeemer Parish as well in the Court Café to help people through the court process.
Thank you Swift Current.
We, in co-operation with the Food Security Committee, have been blessed to host community kitchens, kids in the kitchen, and the community gardens in Swift Current.
We have been further blessed through our partnerships with many community agencies. We have been honoured to work closely with the Métis Association as well as members of various First Nations communities who are a part of our greater community. We have been honoured to perform a number of chaplaincy roles for RCMP, EMS, SCFD, Royal Canadian Legion, and others. Thank you everyone.
We brought a Community Response Unit to Swift Current. This is a mobile feeding unit that is useful for many events not the least of which is disaster relief. We have been blessed to send many teams of volunteers to assist in natural disasters not only in our own community, but also in Maple Creek, Melville, High River, and other locations across this province and across the country. We have trained volunteers who are now ready and able to serve when and wherever the need may arise. Thank you everyone.
We have recently hired a family support worker and The Salvation Army, of course, continues to run all of its programs that support families in Swift Current such as the thrift store, food bank, various support groups, activities for youth and children, church functions and much more.
We have done our best to give our all for the good of our community and we are currently partnering with SWTV in the Give for Good TV series that we hope will inspire many people to ask what we each can do to make a difference.
All that being said, I really do want to thank everyone in the community of Swift Current for all of your help in all of the above areas and more where we have been able to partner with you to help make this amazing city even better. We couldn’t have done any of the things we have been privileged to do without all of your help and support.
This really is among the best communities in our country and I will miss everyone here. I thank you for including us in your vision and efforts to continually make this a better place. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is my hope and prayer that you will continue to experience God’s blessing as you continue to work together to make a difference in the world. Thank you again.
I will miss everyone here.
Captain Michael Ramsay CO, The Salvation Army, Swift Current

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