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Wheat board played a big role

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In his attack on the NDP, Cypress Hills-Grasslands M.P. David Anderson himself, (in his April 24 response) has many of his facts wrong or omitted.
For example under his “marketing freedom,” on Feb.26, 2014 No. 2 CWRS (13.5) wheat was $11.38 a bushel port price.  Prairie farmers received $4.69 (41 per cent of port price) with railways and elevators receiving 59 per cent).
By contrast, in 2009/10 single desk port price was $6.82 bushel with farmers receiving $6.16 bus. (90 per cent of port price).
2008/09 single desk port price was $8.64 bushel with farmers receiving $8.10 (93 per cent).
2007/08 single desk port price was 10.61 with farmers receiving $9.99 (94 per cent).
The single-desk CWB could load specific grain from multiple terminals, which often gained despatch benefits rather than demurrage costs which of course, was to farmers’ benefit.
Does Anderson really think private grain traders are going to take grain from competitive terminals?
No matter how many times Anderson & Co. say it, the single-desk CWB did not buy farmers grain, it marketed it with all profits accruing to the producer — not private for-profit grain traders.
The single-desk CWB not only marketed farmers’ grain, it co-ordinated grain sales, transportation logistics, and the efficient use of port terminal facilities. It also kept railways in line as well as limiting the production of GMOs.
It’s time the “Harperites” removed their ideological “blinkers” and put some truth in their own statements before farmers become another endangered species.
Joyce Neufeld, Waldeck, Sask.

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