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Writer can’t believe the CWB is sold

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Canadian Wheat Board supporters suspected a hidden agenda when grain companies wished to do away with the board. The grain companies gave support to the Western Canadian Wheat Growers because that organization was critical of the wheat board.
Minister Gerry Ritz happily went along, stating big farmers who grew most of the wheat wanted change.
One criticism was the transparency of pricing. 
Presently there are enough numbers available to determine what is happening. During board times one could take the export price, subtract rail costs and elevator charges to come up with a farm gate price. Today when working down to the farm gate price, there is an additional $60 per tonne which the grain companies are adding to the costs. A Super B load of wheat is about 40 tonnes. When multiplying by $60, and comparing to wheat board times, farmers loose about $2,500 per load. That number could be well over $3,000 per load if considering efficiencies the wheat board used to move grain.
Why is Minister Ritz allowing farmers to be shafted so badly? If farmers had realized how huge their financial loss would be in selling their wheat, they would never have voted for change.
Lorne Jackson, Riverhurst, Sask.

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