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Many facilities needed so life can make sense

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I am writing this letter today as to our wants and needs in this city.
I know this city really needs affordable housing for families and senior citizens.
I do not know how any landlord can justify charging $1,000 and up a month for rent, plus utilities — this is totally outrageous.
I find this nothing but greed.
Who is really benefitting here? You may as well have a mortgage payment, but then that is a whole new topic as I feel there is a lot of ‘conflict of interest’ in our financial institutions as well as our real estate system.
I was wondering what the City does with property that is behind on taxes as well as banks and realtors who have control over these properties? Why not rent these houses out as affordable rent?
This could easily be determined as to who qualifies by providing a ‘means test.’ I also would like to know how many people are living in government low-income housing who really don’t need to?
As for Mr. Cassidy using rationale about his list of what the City should get rid of: good common sense tells anyone that we need these facilities to keep our community active and healthy and no one as far as I know is complaining about that.
If there has been anyone who has had concerns, I would hope they have been addressed accordingly.
My vision as well as many others for this city is to make it safer, healthier, affordable and everyone to be treated equally.
With that being said, let’s take care of our community and not worry about what other communities are doing. Swift Current will be a city where life makes sense. It will also be number one in which to live in Saskatchewan and Canada.
Gail Stroh, Swift Current

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